WhiteBIT Launchpad Kicks Off August 21!

Photo - WhiteBIT Launchpad Kicks Off August 21!
Get ready! WhiteBIT Launchpad is gearing up to roll out a new crypto project, and it's up to the users to cast their votes. Leading the way is ScamFari, HAPI Foundation's innovative platform set to tackle cybercrime head-on.
ScamFari represents an initiative to reward users who provide information concerning deceptive entities in the Web3 sector. The platform collates data regarding phishing sites, fraudulent blockchain projects, and even crypto wallet addresses that may be connected to unsavory financing. ScamFari has announced early access registration and encourages users to invite their network in this stand against cybercriminals.
HAPI? They

HAPI? They're stepping up, setting new gold standards in Web3's cybersecurity landscape. Source: https://twitter.com/i_am_hapi_one

ScamFari's launch on the WhiteBIT Launchpad is set for August 21. To cast their vote for the project, users need to secure an allocation*. If ScamFari garners enough votes, launchpad participants will have the opportunity to join in the project token distribution.

*Allocation refers to the amount a user can invest in a specific project. The size of the allocation depends on the WBT Holding level and additional conditions of each project. How this works on WhiteBIT Launchpad is explained below.

What is WhiteBIT Launchpad?

WhiteBIT Launchpad offers an alternative to traditional IPOs (Initial Public Offering) and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). This platform showcases crypto projects that have been thoroughly vetted for compliance with industry standards. WhiteBIT Launchpad keeps users informed and provides an opportunity to invest in projects at an early financing stage, thereby obtaining tokens or additional services.

The WhiteBIT Launchpad community has the autonomy to select projects for listing. Both seasoned traders and beginners can partake in shaping the list of assets.

How to Vote on WhiteBIT Launchpad?

For a stake in the voting process, users should have a minimum of 200 WhiteBIT Coins (WBT) in their Holding, alongside an equivalent amount in USDT within their Main Balance. The coins designated for voting will be temporarily secured, dictating the allocation for each participant.

In the event a project doesn't reach the voting threshold and isn't listed on the exchange, assets committed by the users will be refunded. Conversely, when a project accumulates more votes than anticipated, the project's token allocation to participants might be adjusted based on the USDT's proportional contribution against the collective pool.

Advantages of WhiteBIT Launchpad:

  • Prioritized access to new tokens at predetermined prices.
  • Reduced trading fees.
  • Zero charges on ETH and ERC-20 token withdrawals.
  • Daily complimentary AML checks.
  • Enhanced incentives from the referral scheme.
  • Additional benefits via the WB Network.