WhiteBIT: Metalist 1925 Lives On!

Photo - WhiteBIT: Metalist 1925 Lives On!
The escalating missile attacks on Ukraine by the russian terrorists devastated the assets of the sponsor championing the rejuvenated football club "Metalist 1925." Facing financial collapse and potential dissolution, the team has found a lifeline through a timely partnership with the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, WhiteBIT!
In 2020, the AES Group stepped forward as the leading investor for the club and played a crucial role in propelling the team to the Premier League. Regrettably, they can no longer continue their support for the revived "Metalist 1925". Previously, the holding company endured several missile attacks on its production sites, which they described as "knockdowns". But the fourth successive hit proved to be the "final blow", leaving the company unable to ensure its financial commitments to both the players and the club.

However, fans were immediately comforted with the news that a new sponsor had been found, ensuring the club's survival. The name of the sponsor remained undisclosed for several weeks, but it's now confirmed to be WhiteBIT, one of Europe's leading cryptocurrency exchanges.  

For over a year, WhiteBIT has been a prominent supporter of the global football community, backing renowned teams like Spain's FC Barcelona and Turkey's Trabzonspor. Now, they are extending their support to a team in Kharkiv, the hometown of WhiteBIT's founder, Volodymyr Nosov. 

Nosov shared his sentiments on Instagram:

“Metalist 1925 is facing the threat of closure due to financial difficulties. The club's history goes hand in hand with my hometown, childhood memories, and love for football. "Metalist 1925" — it's ours, native. Allowing the closure of the football symbol of your hometown is simply impossible…

Metalist will keep playing. The spirit of Ukrainian football is unbreakable!
Help our people. Fight. Win.”

The motto of the "Metalist 1925" club is "Born in Battle." This perfectly captures the team's tumultuous history, transitioning from near extinction to revival, and its swift rise to the top tier of Ukrainian football. In the context of war and the missile strikes targeting facilities essential for their sponsorship, this motto resonates even more profoundly. 

The Executive Director of the team, Andrii Nedielin, confirmed that the club's budget for the 2023/24 competitive season will remain as initially set, and there will be no reduction in contractual commitments to players, the coaching staff, and other staff members. 

As of now, it's undeniable — Metalist 1925 stands preserved…

Russian orcs who brought our project to the brink will be wiped off the face of the earth. They'll burn in hell! But we will continue to thrive, to live, and to play football! Kharkiv is a Hero City, Kharkiv is a football city! Glory to our Motherland, glory to the Ukrainian soldier defending the country from the invading horde! Glory to Ukraine!