Who Wants to Control AI? One Man Has Answer

Photo - Who Wants to Control AI? One Man Has Answer
Is the entire AI doom-and-gloom day drama fake?
Yann LeCun, one of the men considered to be the godfathers of AI, thinks that the AI doomsday scenarios, which are being floated time and again, are exaggerated.

Commenting on the apparent obsession of some entrepreneurs with the possible end of the world, – due to nuclear war or an AI malfunction/uprising – he says that the motive of their actions isn’t really that benevolent.

He believes that some use them are simply trying to conceal a far more primitive desire of taking the reins of the process – a notion he clarified in a lengthy tweet on X  (Twitter).

In it, he mentioned three “suspects”: ex-CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman, CEO of DeepMind Technologies Demis Hassabis, and CEO and Co-Founder of Anthropic Dario Amodei, accusing them of doing  “massive corporate lobbying at the moment”, adding that they are the ones “attempting to perform a regulatory capture of the AI industry.”

In his rant-like tweet, LeCun added, “the vast majority of our academic colleagues are massively in favor of open AI R&D. Very few believe in the doomsday scenarios you have promoted.”

He reiterated his stance in another tweet where he touched upon people assimilating the risks associated with pandemics with the risks associated with AI progress.

According to him, the pandemic is a natural development. Meanwhile, AI progress is not a natural phenomenon.

“*We* propel it forward. We have agency. We can choose to develop it or not. We can strive to develop beneficial forms of it. And we can choose to deploy it only if it is beneficial,” he said.

He also quoted a tweet by Elon Musk where he mocked the attendees of the AI safety summit at Bletchley Park in the UK. While Musk himself recently confirmed that AI is capable of killing humankind, it seems like in reality he has little reservations as to what he’s doing. Especially since he just launched his fresh product the Grok chatbot.

Previously, GN crypto reported that LeCun said that even though AI may become smarter, we’ll still be able to control it.