ZigZag DEX is to airdrop a governance token

Photo - ZigZag DEX is to airdrop a governance token
The crypto asset will be available for purchase from June 24. 2 million tokens out of the available 100 will be released for sale. It will be possible to pay for ZZ using USDC.
The airdrop will occur as the exchange is facing widespread “airdrop farming”. Too many users seek to get tokens almost for free by circumventing the system.
There are too many wallets interacting with the platform. For obvious reasons, it doesn’t make sense for all wallets to participate in the airdrop.
the exchange noted.
That is why, by purchasing ZZ, the user will become a member of the ZigZag DAO. It is DAO participants who will be able to determine the conditions for airdrops. A decentralized autonomous organization was chosen for this because the developers expressed their reluctance to impose criteria on users.
The fall of Terra also affected the airdrop. According to the exchange representatives, the integration of the stablecoin UST affected the financial performance of ZigZag.
We need to fulfill our obligations, and receiving funds is one of the reasons for an airdrop. The amount needed to pay developers is a priority for the growth of the exchange.
noted ZigZag DEX.
It is worth noting that the technologies implemented in ZigZag for scaling and increasing the privacy of transactions use zero-knowledge proofs. As representatives of the exchange pointed out, now they plan to reach the number of 250 thousand transactions per second.