1 - 31 Oct 2023

Crypto Events Calendar October 2023

Photo - Crypto Events Calendar October 2023
Crypto Events Calendar October 2023
01.10 – Free Ross Day

  • This marks the day when Ross Ulbricht, the brain behind The Silk Road, was condemned to serve two life sentences. From that point onward, every October 1, crypto advocates around the globe have been calling for Ross's release.

02.03.10SmartCon 2023 by Chainlink in Barcelona, Spain

05.06.10 Zebu Live in London, UK

05/06.10ETHMilan in Milan, Italy

06.10 – This day witnessed an intense 6-hour struggle in the Bitcoin market where bulls surpassed the psychological barrier at $300, overcoming a Bitcoin whale who listed approximately 30,000 BTC for sale.

06.10 – U.S.
Unemployment Rate

  • An elevated unemployment rate would signify labor market weakness, whereas a low rate would serve as a positive indicator and a bullish factor for the USD.

07/08.10Degamefi Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia

12.10 U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI)

  • The CPI is a metric used to track the fluctuations in prices of goods and services, serving as a crucial tool for monitoring changes in purchasing patterns and inflation levels in the United States. Figures higher than expected are viewed as a positive/bullish signal, while figures lower than expected are seen as negative/bearish.

15/18.10Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE

19/21.10 xDay Conference in Bucharest, Romania

– AXS Token Unlock from Axie Infinity

  • (15.12 million tokens totaling $68.66 million, 5.60% of the total supply).

24/25.10Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai, UAE

25/26.10European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona, Spain

30.10/03.11 Solana Breakpoint 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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