3 blockchain platforms for freelancers

Photo - 3 blockchain platforms for freelancers
Blockchain technology can be used not only for cryptocurrency transactions. An increasing number of industries are incorporating it into their routine processes.
We’ve looked at blockchain’s potential for supply chain management, blogging, and streaming before. Today’s material will be helpful for fans of freelancing. So, we suggest you get acquainted with blockchain platforms for freelancers!

Advantages of blockchain exchanges

  • Full transparency of information.
  • Lower platform fees compared to many centralized exchanges.
  • Availability of digital registries and smart contracts.
  • Guaranteed rewards for the work performed.

Top 3 blockchain platforms for freelancing


This is a popular cryptocurrency headhunting platform. It covers marketing, software development, consulting, graphic design, surveys and research, video, and animation. Users are invited to perform profile tasks and receive cryptocurrency as a reward.

Working with this blockchain platform for freelancers is easy and convenient. All you need to do is:

  • study the list of available rewards and choose the most interesting ones for yourself;
  • perform the task following the specified requirements and send the result for consideration;
  • receive your tokens after the payment is unlocked.

The possibilities of bounty0x.io are attractive for both performers and customers. With the platform, entrepreneurs can:

  • create unique tasks that are fully relevant to the specifics of the company’s work;
  • quickly find specialists to perform a large volume of tasks without loss of quality;
  • cooperate only with proven and reliable freelancers;
  • pay in any cryptocurrency.

Would you like to try your hand at bounty0x.io? You’ll likely meet representatives of famous creative brands, development companies, and even government organizations here.


The decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain differs from many freelance exchanges in its absolutely free membership and lack of service fees. The only fee present at ethlance.com is the gas fee required to process the transactions. But this amount is significantly less than the standard fees charged to customers and performers.

The blockchain platform is the first district in the District0x network connecting decentralized sites and communities. Be sure to install the MetaMask browser extension to work, then register as a freelancer. After filling your account with your contact information, professional skills, interests, and resume, you can start looking for suitable projects.

ethlance.com offers users multiple filters to find jobs according to their preferences as quickly as possible. Along with the subject matter, you can choose the type of employment, the degree of skills, the type of payment, the deadline for the project, etc. A similar system of searching for performers is offered to employers.


Another decentralized exchange for freelancers, which was created on the Ethereum blockchain. Designers, marketers, lawyers, architects, translators, copywriters, and support specialists can find interesting projects on this platform.

The principle of coinlancer.com is simple:

  • customer and executor connect via smart contracts, find each other, and agree to the terms of work;
  • The customer deposits funds by the escrow agreement;
  • the executor performs the task;
  • payment is made once the project is approved.

Registration on the blockchain platform is free for freelancers; you don’t need your own cryptocurrency wallet. But you will have to buy a CL token for further work and transactions. This is a utility token that can be exchanged for other digital or fiat currencies on crypto exchanges.  

Coinlancer.com charges a 3% fee for providing the service. Additionally, the blockchain platform offers users bonuses for helping the community, which include CL tokens and reduced transaction fees.


Blockchain platforms for freelancers are no longer uncommon in today’s world. If you want to protect yourself from the drawbacks of freelancing, such as problems with agreeing on the terms of a job and making payments, try using their services!