5 blockchain platforms for bloggers and streamers

Photo - 5 blockchain platforms for bloggers and streamers
Blockchain is a universal technology that can be used in different spheres of modern life. Let’s find out whether it is possible to use blockchain for blogging and streaming!
Earlier, we examined the benefits of its implementation in supply chain organization and management. Let’s find out whether it is possible to use blockchain for blogging and streaming!

Blockchain platforms for bloggers, streamers, and freelancers are no longer rare. Even though their audience is relatively small, the popularity of such projects is steadily increasing.

The main peculiarity of blogging on blockchain platforms is the absence of a clear connection between advertising partnerships and authors’ income. As a rule, the reward for the posted content is formed by voting, in which other users participate.

There are both blockchain projects like Instagram or YouTube and unique solutions for publishing posts, photos, and videos. Here is a closer look at some of them.


Steemit is a blockchain platform that has the form of a social network and provides monetary rewards to the most active users. There are no promoted posts or advertisements, and bloggers are encouraged to earn money by publishing content, voting, and commenting.

The platform supports three currencies:
  • Steem: a liquid virtual currency that can be used outside of Steemit and converted to Steem Power, Steem Backed Dollars and BTC;
  • Steem Power: this is the weight of a vote or Steem blocked in the West Fund for more than 12 weeks;
  • Steem Backed Dollars: the platform’s internal currency, equivalent to about $1. 

How to make money from this blockchain platform?

1. Post content and collect votes. The more users vote for your post, the more reward you will get. The final amount is distributed as follows: 75% goes to the post’s author and 25% to the voting members.

2. Vote and leave comments for other users. This process is called curation. You get a nice bonus if readers like the comment more than others. Another way to earn as a curator is to vote for a post that will further reach the top before most readers.

Steemit is a simple and easy-to-use blockchain platform that motivates you to find interesting content and stay active all the time.


HIVE is a hard fork of the Steem blockchain. According to the developers, it is fully decentralized, fast, scalable, and has a low entry threshold. 

The blockchain platform for social blogs works on the same principle as Steemit. You can publish posts, vote on other users’ posts, and comment on them. All types of activity are rewarded with coins – Hive and Hive Dollars (HBD).


The Ethereum-based blogging blockchain platform initially allowed only specific authors to post. But after almost a year of operating in this mode, the developers have decided to make it available to everyone.

Mirror is open to authors with an address and an Ethereum wallet. Posted content can include social media posts, videos, NFTs, iFrames, and auctions. Users control their own content, can import blogs from other blockchain platforms, and cease activity by deleting their data entirely.

On Mirror, authors can share and finance their publications, as well as mint NFT content and monetize it.


A blockchain platform based on the LBRY protocol has gained popularity as an alternative to YouTube. According to CEO Jeremy Kaufman, “YouTube is too strict”, while Odysee has the potential to restore relative independence of the Internet.

Despite promoting freedom of expression, there are also restrictions on the blockchain platform. These include pornographic video content and content that propagates terrorism and violence.

In addition to the ability to post potentially inappropriate video content for YouTube, Odysee’s advantages include fast and easy communication with the administration and transparent monetization terms. Try to work with this blockchain platform if you want to publish non-standard materials and have complete control over earning money. 


THETA.tv is a global streaming blockchain platform for cryptocurrencies, cybersports, anime, and other video content that provides rewards for both authors and users. For example, you can earn TFUEL effortlessly by watching broadcasts from your preference list.

To access the blockchain platform, you need to go to the website or download the app in the iOS and Android stores. Streamers who participate in THETA.tv are allowed to earn and withdraw funds and become partners of the project with additional bonuses such as:

  • verified tick;
  • increased income from subscriptions;
  • sponsorship;
  • a unique line of products, etc.

To be a user of the THETA.tv blockchain platform is also profitable and exciting. You can spend the TFUEL you earn to pay for subscriptions and order goods in the store. The project rewards the most active viewers with two free subscriptions per month.

An interesting feature of the blockchain platform is the direct interaction between streamers and users. They not only communicate in chats but can also exchange items. The friendly streaming community is highly popular thanks to this kind of interaction.


Blockchain platforms for blogging and streaming have an innovative approach to publishing and monetizing content. If you are tired of the limitations of the usual social networks and video platforms, discover this side of Web 3.0!