📣 A New Virus Targets the Cryptocurrency of Cheaters

posted  29 Mar 2024
Photo - A New Virus Targets the Cryptocurrency of Cheaters
A newly discovered computer virus specifically targets gamers who buy and use cheats, aiming to pilfer their login details and crypto holdings. To date, it has compromised over 4.9 million gaming accounts and an indeterminate amount of cryptocurrency.
The cheat provider was the first to notice the fraudulent activity and reached out to the suspected victim,
shared researchers from vx-underground.
Contrarily, PhantomOverlay, a vendor of cheats, contends that the reported number of compromised accounts is overstated, with the majority being redundant and of no interest to anyone. Still, they acknowledge that this breach represents one of the largest data leaks within the gaming community.

PhantomOverlay also claims to have pinpointed the virus's initial distribution source but cites a lack of solid evidence as a barrier to pursuing any substantial action. They also noted that the culprit is aware of their suspicions and is actively working to further obscure their tracks.

Following this breach, we recommend that all users stay alert and review the fundamentals of online security, as outlined by WhiteBIT experts in the dedicated cybersecurity article.