“Bug fixed”: Solana developers announced fixing a bug that caused the network collapse

Photo - “Bug fixed”: Solana developers announced fixing a bug that caused the network collapse
The developers called the function of constant one-time transactions the main problem resulting in failure.
During the current year, the network managed to crash five times. The last one was recorded in early June. Each time, users faced the problem of network unavailability and long repair that took several hours to days.
To date, according to the developers of Solana, the main error that led the network to constant failures has been eliminated. They published this information on their blog.
According to them, the fact that the transactions were one-time also played a role since transactions of this type have no expiry date. In comparison, a standard transaction on the Solana network has an “expiry date” of two minutes and is denied if the validator has not processed it. The main problem, however, was hidden in the function of constant one-time transactions. A bug discovered by the developers, under certain conditions, made it possible to process a failed transaction more than once. The duplication of the operation caused a failure since one validator rejected the subsequent block, and the other processed it.
The developers noted that at the moment, to prevent repeated network collapse, this functionality has been temporarily disabled. The cause of the error is being searched for and will be eliminated. Also, the technicians from Solana promised that after fixing the problem with the bug of this function, it would be returned in later versions of the network.
Constant failures and network terminations caused dissatisfaction among users. Many analysts noted that such an “unbalanced” and “unstable” network is not competitive and may lose its customers.