Crypto Leaks: a new round in the fight against digital fraud and corruption

Photo - Crypto Leaks: a new round in the fight against digital fraud and corruption
Digital fraud, corruption, and market manipulation are phenomena from which numerous cryptocurrency holders suffer yearly losses. Blockchain enthusiasts from the Crypto Leaks project are ready to challenge the attackers and protect crypto community members.
The main task of Crypto Leaks is to form a brighter and more honest future for the crypto industry. According to the project representatives, today, the sphere works as “a giant casino in which capital can be quickly moved between various blockchain tokens, independently from real technologies, teams, and communities involved, by using snake marketing, financial manipulation, collaborating parts of the crypto-press and armies of trolls and figureheads on social media.”


Activists argue that the main problem lies in the approval of the current situation by industry insiders. They easily determine the most popular tokens among users. Then they assess their role in the market based on this, destroying everything that can harm their assets and financial interests without compunction.
With a relative absence of regulation, the freedoms given to these people have considerably affected the operation of free markets in blockchain and crypto. We must fight back because the next Internet, Web3, will be built on the blockchain.
argue the defenders of the honest crypto communities.

The first high-profile investigations are already on the platform

Even though the project has recently started, there are two high-profile cases on the site already – an attack on ICP token holders, which was due to the manipulation of FTX prices, and a report published in the New York Times by Arkham Intelligence, which led to the collapse of ICP.
The founders of the project invite informants and sponsors to cooperate. The identities of people collaborating with the platform may be hidden.
Blockchain enthusiasts believe the crypto industry is far from the ideal for which many participants became active in this area. But “we can fight back. Corruption fades in the sun”.