Experience the Thrill of Cryptocurrency Quests with Zealy

Photo - Experience the Thrill of Cryptocurrency Quests with Zealy
Zealy is a cryptocurrency platform facilitating the exploration of a plethora of blockchain projects through captivating quests and specialized tasks.
In the dawn of 2023, Crew3 embraced a transformative rebranding, becoming the vibrant Zealy, a move designed to foster increased recognition and strategic focus within the dynamic cryptocurrency sector.

How Zealy Works

Zealy invites its users to delve into an expansive universe of cryptocurrency projects, facilitated through sequential tasks and exhilarating quests. By connecting their wallet, users embark on an interactive journey with various platforms, following a chronologically-structured task timeline. This engaging interaction not only amplifies the user's Zealy rating but also accrues points that, on occasion, can be transmuted into coveted prizes. The rewards can range from attractive incentives such as NFTs, privileged access to team communication, or token sale allocations, bestowed by the team behind the selected project.

Zealy quests provide a unique platform to engage with a vast array of cryptocurrency networks like Polygon, Arbitrum, zkSync, Sui, among others. This interaction frequently results in a retro drop reward, a token of appreciation for performing specific activities on associated blockchains. Zealy eliminates the need for users to seek out guides or mechanics for the retro drop, integrating this feature seamlessly within its quest structure.

Cryptocurrency start-ups can leverage Zealy's platform to showcase their projects, fostering an enriching interaction with potential investors. The cryptocurrency community often utilizes this feature to streamline the introduction of novices to various projects across Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, and a multitude of other networks.

Navigating Zealy

To establish an account and secure data on Zealy, users need to link a wallet, such as Metamask, or authorize their account through a Discord server. Once logged into the vibrant platform, users are greeted with an extensive list of intriguing projects, ripe for exploration.
Handpicking projects for interaction through Zealy (zealy.io)

Handpicking projects for interaction through Zealy (zealy.io)

DeFi protocols, blockchain networks, NFT marketplaces, and various other applications can be systematically organized to facilitate the exploration of desired resources. Upon entering a Community, a comprehensive roster of assignments is unveiled, requiring fulfillment to accrue XP credits.
zkSync quests available on the Zealy platform

zkSync quests available on the Zealy platform

With Zealy, every completed task paves the way for new ones. Zealy users might encounter a variety of quests and activities, including:

● Engaging with the social media platforms of various projects - Twitter, Discord, Telegram;

● Gaining insights from project documentation and official websites;

● Completing basic cybersecurity quests;

● Skills testing for platform usage proficiency;

● Execution of transactions in Testnet and Mainnet;

● Claiming NFTs.

Tasks associated with each project are unique, each offering a specific number of points. Zealy's enticing referral program and daily activities serve as an irresistible lure, promoting continuous interaction with the platform.

Developers or enthusiastic community members of a specific startup have the opportunity to feature their project on Zealy via the "Create a Community" option. This process involves populating a form with detailed project information, including the project's type, the operational blockchain, the economic sector, and then advancing to the creation of unique quests.
Adding a new project to Zealy (zealy.io)

Adding a new project to Zealy (zealy.io)

Key takeaways

Zealy presents itself as an elegant facilitator of cryptocurrency quests, enabling an in-depth exploration of diverse projects, seamlessly decoding the DeFi sector and blockchain technologies, and rewarding accomplished endeavors. This platform proves remarkably advantageous for neophytes and those seeking a systematic conduit for methodical involvement with cryptocurrency ventures.