Hackers attacked the Brazilian BlueBenx: $31 million stolen

Photo - Hackers attacked the Brazilian BlueBenx: $31 million stolen
The attack was aimed at hacking liquidity pools in cryptocurrency networks. The development team tried to solve the problem but still had to activate the security protocol.
According to statements from representatives of the company, the platform was subjected to an “extremely aggressive” hacking attack. BlueBenx lawyer Assuramaya Kuthumi announced the amount of stolen funds – 160 million reais, which equates to 31.54 million U.S. dollars. This was reported by BlueBenx representatives to the Brazilian publication Portal do Bitcoin.

According to the publication, many customers of the platform are concerned about the fact that information about mass layoffs of BlueBenx employees appears in the network. One of the company’s former employees told reporters they were informed about the hack, and layoffs began afterward. We are talking about 30 employees now. At least, those are the ones the source was aware of.

BlueBenx is a cryptocurrency platform that positions itself as a “high-yield crypto platform” with regular customer payouts. According to a former company employee, the last four years of operation have been stable, and the firm has not experienced any financial problems.
I would note that even after the mass customer churn as Brazilian regulators began investigating the firm, everyone received payments in full.
said the former BlueBenx employee.
The company has now stopped almost all transactions, including withdrawals, redemptions, deposits, and any transfers from the platform referring to security protocols.

Earlier, the hackers compromised the Nomad protocol and withdrew more than $90 million to various Ethereum addresses.