Hyosung ATMs will support bitcoin in the U.S.

Photo - Hyosung ATMs will support bitcoin in the U.S.
South Korean company Hyosung, which specializes in the production of ATMs, decided to add DigitalMint services to the store, which is now being developed.
With this service, users will be able to buy cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin. According to the company’s statements, these services will be available in the U.S., where the American subdivision has about one hundred and seventy-five thousand ATMs.

The company has already signed all the necessary papers with the cryptocurrency payment provider. Its software will allow the integration of cryptocurrency purchases into the company’s POS terminals and ATMs.

The company also noted that ATM operators with their software platform will now have the ability to download the application if needed.

“Each operator using the company’s products will decide whether to activate such a service or not. It is an individual choice, and we only provide such an opportunity to our customers”, Hyosung said.

The first cryptomats began to appear in Asia and the U.S. in 2013. They were primarily intended for the purchase of cryptocurrencies for cash. Initially, there were two types of cryptomats - 1-way, where you can only buy digital assets and nothing more, and 2-way, where you can both buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 2-way ATMs also support payment in cryptocurrency for services or goods.

There are now about 34,185 ATMs in the U.S. as of July 2022 with crypto-purchase functions. The nearest country with 2,530 cryptomats is Canada. In total, there are 38,454 cryptomats worldwide that support cryptocurrency purchases.