Tony Hawk creates a virtual skatepark with The Sandbox

Photo - Tony Hawk creates a virtual skatepark with The Sandbox
Augmented reality has reached skaters. And their guide to the world’s largest metaverse skatepark will be none other than true sensei Tony Hawk!
The Sandbox, the world leader in the Play-To-Earn industry and the largest “builder” of the metaverse on Ethereum blockchain, announced a collaboration with NFT-marketplace Autograph and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. This partnership will result in the new and largest skatepark in the metaverse.

The future park could become a popular place to develop tricks for professionals and exciting interactive entertainment for those who do not know how to skateboard. Tony Hawk promises interesting challenges, an extensive list of options for improving skills, and an infinite number of ramp configurations that can be customized to your technique. And most importantly – there will be no real bruises.

Previous tests have shown that technically advanced metaverses can work under a load of several thousand simultaneous participants while maintaining a high-quality 3D visualization of the avatars’ interactions. There is also no doubt about the further scalability of virtual worlds.

The official account of The Sandbox commented on the legend’s post, writing warmly that they’re excited to have Tony on the project. You bet they are!

At about the same time, Autograph signed an NFT partnership with another living legend, tennis player Rafael “El Monumento” Nadal. It seems that sport has come to find technical and economic realization in the cryptosphere just as actively as it did with artists and web studios during the first wave of NFT.

Metaverse is a big trend today, although many people still don’t understand how it works and why there is a demand for virtual beer and virtual plots of land. But the fact remains: venture capitalists continue to invest tens of millions of dollars in promising metaverse projects even in a bear market while involving the top global influencers.