New Ambassador Programs: FXDX, Aconomy, Pixel Island

Photo - New Ambassador Programs: FXDX, Aconomy, Pixel Island
Ambassador programs: an excellent avenue to delve into cryptocurrency without upfront financial commitments. All it hinges on is your knack for content creation and social media prowess.
Cryptocurrency ambassadors don't just endorse; they contribute by crafting articles, creating infographics, producing videos, designing memes, and moderating community discussions. Their diligence is reciprocated with tokens from the projects, stablecoins, NFTs, and more.

While we have previously discussed several ambassador programs, the dynamic nature of the crypto world demands frequent revisits. In this article, we're turning our attention to a fresh crop of initiatives on the lookout for ambassadorial talents: FXDX, Clashmon, Pixel Island, and Aconomy. 


A decentralized platform rooted in the Base cryptocurrency network. It's noteworthy that its Total Value Locked (TVL) currently sits at a staggering $365 millionβ€”a figure that has multiplied fivefold since August 1st. This trend indicates a burgeoning interest in the Base network, potentially spurring the inception of new projects and applications.

Aspiring FXDX ambassadors should:

  • Keep tabs on the project by joining their channels - X, Discord;

  • Regularly produce content both on personal accounts and the project's social channels;
A snapshot of FXDX

A snapshot of FXDX's decentralized exchange interface. Source:

For those curious about FXDX's underpinnings, the decentralized exchange offers a canvas of potential. Participants champion the significance of the X platform (likely Twitter), emphasizing the richness of active participation. In the world of FXDX, ambassadors find their efforts rewarded with the platform's native token.


Clashmon, designed on the Base blockchain, presents itself as an interactive RPG. Here, the ambassadorial rewards are primarily distributed through the project's native token, TORCH. There's also mention of exclusive NFTs for ambassadors, though details about their value and application remain unclear.

If Clashmon's ambassador initiative intrigues you:

  • Channel creativity into videos about the game, whip up memes, scribe articles, design engaging graphics, and maintain an effervescent presence in chats, while ushering in new users;

The Clashmon team, while hinting at potential monthly compensations up to $500 per ambassador, also suggests that the exact sum is intertwined with the depth and breadth of individual contributions.

Pixel Island

Pixel Island is a Web3 game immersed in pixelated aesthetics, anchored on the opBNB cryptocurrency platform. This blockchain is essentially Π° fork of the BNB Smart Chain but offers enhanced privacy with ZK-proof technology.

Ambassadors are set to:

  • Connect with the project on social media: X, Discord;

  • Promote the project's ethos across social channels, ensuring the content resonates with its core values;

It's notable that 25% of the MAGIC token's total emission has been set aside. This portion is designated for diverse airdrops to benefit ambassadors, the broader Pixel Island community, and those involved in its promotional efforts. In return, ambassadors receive MAGIC tokens and exclusive NFTs.
The tokenomics of Pixel Island

The tokenomics of Pixel Island's native token, MAGIC. Source:


Aconomy, a decentralized exchange, aspires to seamlessly integrate the tokenization and trade of tangible assets. Through Aconomy, users can tokenize real-world items and put them up for trade as digital tokens or NFTs. The scope here isn't just limited to personal items like bags or watches, but also extends to tangible assets like vehicles and real estate.

Incorporated within the Pandora Finance ecosystem, ambassadors of Aconomy are remunerated in PNDR coins and various stablecoins. To be part of this initiative, interested parties must:

  • Engage in community building for Aconomy in one's linguistic region, craft digital content like memes, videos, threads, GIFs, emojis, and maintain an active presence online;
Aconomy ambassador program details. Source:

Aconomy ambassador program details. Source:

Aconomy is inclusive, encouraging individuals of all expertise levels to join, provided they harbor a genuine interest in the realm of tokenized assets.

Additional Ambassador Opportunities

For those perennially on the hunt for ambassadorial roles, Medium can be a treasure trove. Numerous projects often announce their ambassador initiatives there. Additionally, projects like Ola, ZKX and Babylon are on the lookout for enthusiasts. Links to these protocols' social platforms are consistently updated and trustworthy.