NFTs will be available on Instagram from May 9

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Photo - NFTs will be available on Instagram from May 9
NFTs released on the most popular blockchain networks will be integrated into Instagram on May 9. The launch of the pilot project is reported by CoinDesk, citing its own sources in Meta.
So, NFTs which are supported by Ethereum, Solana, Flow and Polygon will appear on the social network. These networks were not chosen by chance. It is there that the highest percentage of deals involving digital collectibles is demonstrated, and the legendary Bored Apes series, created on the Ethereum blockchain, has even become the leader in terms of market capitalization. Meta plans to engage a limited number of NFT fans based in the US to participate in the pilot project. At the moment, there is no information whether the social network will support the NFT of all the listed networks at once or whether it is planned to be added consecutively. Instagram plans to provide users with the ability to connect their personal MetaMask cryptocurrency wallets. They will allow you to confirm the ownership of digital collectibles, display them in personal profiles and tag authors. Unlike Twitter, posting and sharing NFTs on Instagram will be completely free. This approach is expected to have a beneficial effect on the cultural visibility and popularity of non-fungible tokens on a social network that has over a billion active users per month.