Puma’s new metaverse opens new opportunities

Photo - Puma’s new metaverse opens new opportunities
Autumn Fashion Week in New York surprised not only with new clothes but also with the introduction of Web3. In addition to an exclusive event from the organizers, tickets to which could be purchased for NFT, Puma presented its metaverse.
Sportswear manufacturer Puma, following other sports brands Nike and Adidas, launched its metaverse on the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. Black Station is a Web3 platform that offers limited-edition digital and physical products from Puma.

The management will rely a lot on this project in the future. The first Puma show boutique opened under the same name 20 years ago and was positioned as the “house of innovation products.” Adam Petrick, Puma’s chief brand manager, emphasized that this is not banal nostalgia but a tribute to the merits of the past.

The platform features the Nitro NFRNO and Nitro Fastroid sneakers, as well as two types of special NFTs used to buy physical and virtual products. “Natural” sneakers from PUMA’s FUTROGRADE collection were shown at New York Fashion Week on September 7. And their digital analog will be available on the platform after September 13. 

This is not Puma’s first Web3 experience. This year, in collaboration with Manchester City FC, the company released a limited edition NFT sneaker worn by Sergio Agüero. Also, in February, the company partnered with the NFT project Gutter Cat.

Company executives argue that Puma’s metaverse expands their potential audience and allows designers to realize their creativity. Not to forget about the money, though. For example, Nike has earned $184 million from its digital products.