What is DEXTools?

Photo - What is DEXTools?
DEXTools is a platform for investors and traders that provides information on all major blockchains, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, and their trading pairs.
It combines data needed to trade and provides a comprehensive view of the crypto market on one site. DEXTools is available to paid users to the fullest extent. They can generate the most effective trading strategies, predict market movements, find the best spreads, track and copy profitable traders’ wallets, and use exclusive features. However, you can evaluate and monitor cryptocurrency pairs even without registration.

DEXTools provides real-time data, working on its reliability. In their manifesto, the platform team emphasizes that they strive to create an infrastructure that includes all the most advanced technologies. The founders of DEXTools insist that their analytical tools protect users from accidental and rash decisions in the crypto market.

DEXTools App

A publically available beta version of the DEXTools app for smartphones and PCs appeared in 2020. DEXTools App is considered the main tool that helps to track DeFi and cryptocurrency markets: stay up to date on current pricing, the behavior of major investors, new cryptocurrency pairs, and so on. 

With the help of a special widget, the user can follow his/her favorite cryptocurrencies and record all the necessary information in real-time.

It is also possible to create and manage a portfolio of coins. 

Dextools.io: how to use the platform?

Anyone can use the website dextools.io without prior registration. However, it is worth considering that the free features are limited. They include:
All you have to do is click on the instrument of interest and start studying it. The home page contains tables with the most winning and least successful positions, the latest network updates, the hottest cryptocurrencies, and a list of all sorts of pairs sorted by price, volume, swaps, liquidity, and other parameters.

To access the complete list of features and take advantage of the great benefits, you need to connect your crypto wallet to the DEXTools site. To do this, click on the “connect” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, you have to pass the confirmation of the wallet so that the platform will give you ownership of it.

In addition to the free mode of use, there is also a standard and a premium mode. In the first case, the user must pay a monthly subscription of $100 in DEXT or hold $1,000 of DEXT in his/her cryptocurrency wallet. Then, in addition to the basic features, s/he will be able to use profit and loss tracker, trading analytics, wallet information, 12 hot pairs, data aggregator, limit order, and trading bot.

A Premium account is available to those who put 100,000 DEXT on hold. It gives access to all the platform features, including multi-charts, statistics, and analytics. 

DEXT utility token

DEXTools coin (DEXT) is a platform utility token, the purchase of which provides the service customer with enhanced functionality, exclusive offers, and special status within the community.

The issue of DEXT is limited to 200 million tokens. Some of them have been burned, so as of today, there are 150 million coins left. Every month 10% of tokens are burned. They are used to subscribe and pay for features of the service. This is how the service token deflation system works. There are currently 100 million DEXTs traded on the market.

Overall, DEXTools is a convenient and versatile platform for exploring DeFi markets, which can be helpful and valuable for many traders.