🔥 Rarible's Chief Advocates for Enhanced NFT Utility

posted  27 Dec 2023
Photo - Rarible's Chief Advocates for Enhanced NFT Utility
Jana Bertram, who leads the RARI Foundation, incorporating the NFT marketplace Rarible, acknowledges that NFT technology is generally perceived unfavorably within much of the crypto community. She suggests that a rebranding could potentially shift this perspective, but admits it's not a definitive solution.

"I’m personally okay with NFTs, especially when you’re talking to a Web3 audience," Bertram commented.

In addition to rebranding, she identifies other strategies to close the gap between the physical and digital worlds for users. This includes linking tangible items with their NFT equivalents, like connecting a real art piece to its digital blockchain version.

Moreover, Bertram proposes the integration of non-fungible tokens into everyday life, spanning from straightforward tasks like renting properties and vehicles to establishing property rights. Nonetheless, she is unsure if NFTs, even in this expanded role, could lead to a fundamental societal shift. 

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