Most anticipated crypto events in August, based on CoinMarketCaP

Photo - Most anticipated crypto events in August, based on CoinMarketCaP
Monero blockchain update, second SNFTS token airdrop, educational networking festival for crypto and blockchain startup founders, and the launch of Lillion Mobile Wallet - are the main events of August.

August 13. Monero (XMR) network upgrade

The blockchain upgrade will be significant, so users will have to update their software to v0.18 “Fluorine Fermi”. The innovation will not affect the PoW consensus algorithm. Cryptocurrency mining on the blockchain will work as usual. That is, miners will not need to update the software.

After the change, the size of the blockchain ring will increase from 11 to 16, which will be the largest absolute increase in the basic anonymity set. The Bulletproofs+ algorithm will reduce transaction size by about 5-7% to improve verification performance by the same 5-7%. Thus, transactions will be faster and easier to execute. In addition, the developers will reduce the wallet sync time by 40%. 

The update package also includes:
  • changes in commission costs;
  • security improvements;
  • resistance to hacker attacks.

The complete list of blockchain upgrades will be available after receiving the new binaries.

As a reminder, Monero is a blockchain and cryptocurrency that focuses on the confidentiality of transaction data, providing anonymity to its users.

August 21. SNFTS Airdrop

The second SNFTS token airdrop from is free and open to SFUND coin stakers, farmers, and members of the NFT community. It will take place at

Seedify is a platform where blockchain games can raise capital through crowdsourcing campaigns, and holders of its native SFUND cryptocurrency purchase tokens of new games before they appear on exchanges. That is, the project curates initial game offerings (IGOs), promoting new P2E games.

The received SNFTS tokens can be sent to staking or farming pools. Pools will contain a large number of blocked rewards to ensure high liquidity. The APY (annual percentage yield) will be:
  • 7% per annum if tokens are held for 14 days;
  • 10% for a 30-day hold;
  • 20% if the lock-up period is 60 days;
  • 30% per annum for 90 days;
  • 40% per annum for 180 days.

Seedify had previously focused solely on blockchain games and metaverses, so before launching SNFTS, the founders decided to airdrop to get more outreach for the new initiative related to launching NFT projects.

The company aims to attract about 100,000 unique members to the NFT community through the $SNFTS airdrop.

The initial listing of the token will be on the Pancakeswap crypto exchange, and immediately after that, a farming pool will open to create the necessary liquidity. The value of SNFTS will be determined by polling, similar to how the price of SFUND was determined.

August 25-26. Coinfest Asia

Coinfest Asia 2022 will be held at Café del Mar in Bali, Indonesia. The educational festival includes elements of networking and conferences. The main topics of Coinfest are web3, cryptography, blockchain, NFT, and metaverses. The event is aimed at founders of crypto and blockchain startups, professionals creating products in the fields of web3, Gamefi, and DeFi.

The participants will enjoy:
  • conferences and discussions;
  • meetings with the speakers;
  • additional meetings;
  • networking.

Coinfest Asia will be held on the beach, which already shows the festival’s unique structure, different from the usual conferences. Participants will be provided a place to expand valuable contacts in a relaxed atmosphere. The celebration is organized by Coinvestasi, a well-known Indonesian cryptocurrency media. The official sponsors are Coindesk, Coingecko, the Singapore and Indonesian Blockchain Associations, and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.

The speakers at Coinfest Asia are representatives of regulators, industry leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs. For example, René Michau (global head of digital assets), Sagar Sarbhai (head of business solutions and consulting), Sagar Desai (institutional sales, trading, and prime (APAC)), Gwendolyn Regina (investment director).

The event also offers free festival tickets to 30 chosen developers. To receive them, you must submit your portfolio by filling out a form on the Coinfest Asia website under Agenda – Web3 Workshop. Winners will be able to participate in a workshop from BlocksWellDone and Blockchain Talent ID and improve their Web3 development skills.

Aug. 31. Launch of Lillion Mobile Wallet

Lillion Mobile Wallet is a mobile wallet of an automated market maker based on stock exchange trading. The wallet will focus on global peer-to-peer payments, which the developers promise to make simple and accessible to everyone. Thanks to Lillion Mobile Wallet, users will be able to trade directly from the wallet.

The Lillion Defi project includes almost all the advantages of the crypto market.

No registration or account is required to participate in trading. Market maker features low commissions, transaction costs, and fees as it operates in the BNB Smart Chain network. In addition, the exchange does not retain customer funds, as it is decentralized: everyone wholly owns their cryptocurrency.

Lillion has its cryptocurrency, LIL, which can be multiplied in liquidity pools with staking and yield farming with ultra-high interest. LIL holders can participate in Metaverse & Gaming competitions and win collectible NFTs.

According to project representatives, the market maker is safe. You can read about their upcoming audits on the official website. The developers also note that they use multisignature for all contracts that are checked on BscScan and temporarily blocked when transactions are performed.