The most demanded professions in the blockchain industry

Photo - The most demanded professions in the blockchain industry
Blockchain is a technology that is becoming more and more actively implemented in different areas of human life every year. It is not surprising that the number of vacancies in this sector is rapidly growing. What profession to choose to become a part of the largest corporations and earn a decent salary? This is what we are going to talk about toda
Blockchain is an innovative technology that will soon become widespread. Despite maintaining its experimental status, it is confidently becoming a part of our everyday lives. This is evidenced by global surveys conducted by the international company Deloitte in recent years.

According to the results of research organized in 2021 among representatives of the financial sector, more than ¾ of respondents are sure that virtual currencies can become alternatives to fiat and fully replace them within the next 5-10 years. At the same time, more than 40% of respondents already use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in their work by accepting cryptocurrency payments or tokenizing assets.

Digital asset transactions are just one area in which blockchain is used. Where else is it used? The technology is increasingly used in supply chain management, medicine, streaming, and blogging. The demand for blockchain professions is growing, and business giants are looking for professionals with the right skills.

What are some of the most popular professions in the blockchain industry today? The LinkedIn Talent Insights tool provides these results.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top blockchain professions! 

Blockchain developer

According to PayScale, this professional earns, on average, $113,000 per year. The salary depends on education, skills, experience, platform, and programming language.

Blockchain developers’ main task is integrating this technology into the enterprise to perform existing functions and implement new ones. Its implementation includes the development of smart contracts, web pages, and mobile apps.

The main requirement for applicants is a thorough knowledge of typed programming languages. Additionally, training in data protection, data structure for blockchain, design, optimization, etc., is required. 

Crypto broker

Who is a crypto broker? This is an employee of a platform that performs deals for buying and selling virtual assets. S/he should know enough about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and specialized exchange instruments.

In the work process, specialists manage client assets, deal with OTC trading, training and analytics. This profession will suit people with business acumen and a cool mind. If you have previous stock market experience, it will be easier to adapt to the specifics of the field. 

Cryptocurrency miner

Representatives of this profession are directly engaged in mining digital currencies. It appeared simultaneously with the emergence of the blockchain and BTC.

What does a miner do? Among the many possible combinations, s/he searches for the only correct code that guarantees a reward. New blockchains are generated with the help of powerful computer equipment. And we are not talking about a productive PC.

Professional equipment is used for mining. The cost of this equipment often exceeds tens of thousands of dollars. The process of searching is very resource intensive. The work must be performed on professional mining farms with affordable electricity.

Specialist rewards depend on the type of cryptocurrency being mined and the market situation. For example, as of July 2022, bitcoin miners received 6.25 BTC per block. 

Blockchain marketer

Marketing specialists are an essential part of any enterprise in the blockchain industry. Their responsibilities include researching current and potential markets, investigating competitors’ work, and developing marketing plans and strategies for different areas to promote the company’s services.

Depending on the position and the job specifics, a blockchain marketer’s salary can reach $90,000 annually. 

Sales manager

Representatives of this profession are responsible for creating a product that meets customer needs and generates profits for the company. Priority candidates for this position have a technical or business education, as well as managerial experience.

Do product managers have to be able to program themselves? No, they don’t. But they definitely need to understand the principles and specifics of how the product works to communicate effectively with developers. A product manager should be able to manage the budget and make maximum effort to meet deadlines. 

Blockchain analyst

One of the most promising professions in the industry. The average salary for blockchain analysts exceeds $100,000 per year.

Among the tasks these specialists perform are working with large amounts of data, visualizing them and developing algorithms for analysis, participating in market research, brand positioning, and its innovations. 

Cybersecurity specialist

Cybersecurity professionals perform several functions:
The demand for qualified cybersecurity specialists is growing rapidly. This is due to the increased activity of hackers and repeated precedents of cyberterrorism.  

Account manager

This specialist interacts with clients, evaluates their effectiveness, makes additional sales, and forms a loyal attitude toward the company that ensures long-term cooperation.

A dedicated, proactive, and attentive account manager can earn around $60,000 annually.

Technical support specialist

 A popular direction requires specialists to be attentive, flexible, and pedantic. Among the responsibilities of tech support specialists are: 

Sales manager

The main purpose of a sales manager’s position is to sell the company’s developments to international corporations. These can be cryptocurrency solutions, smart contracts, NFT, GameFi, etc.

These specialists analyze the global market, find clients, conduct pre-sales activities, make presentations, negotiate, as well as supervise the execution of contracts.

Salaries for blockchain sales managers range from $25,000 to $40,000 a year or more.

The blockchain industry is a field that is waiting for responsible, quick-trained, and motivated professionals. Do you want to be a part of the world’s leading companies and participate in future technology development? Go for it!