🔥 Unibot to Launch Its New Token

posted  29 Jan 2024
Photo - Unibot to Launch Its New Token
Telegram trading bot Unibot is set to introduce a new token, UNISOL, specifically for its project's iteration on Solana. This token will operate independently from Unibot's original Ethereum-based UNIBOT token. The initial announcement met with some dismay among the community, but the developers were quick to address concerns: revenues generated by Unibot on Solana will be equally shared between holders of both tokens.

Additionally, UNIBOT holders are expected to receive around 80% of the total UNISOL supply. This distribution will be executed through airdrops and claims, determined by a series of snapshots of wallet balances (which may have already been taken). The team also called for calm among its social media followers, emphasizing that they do not intend to create separate tokens for other blockchains like Avalanche.