U.S. Regulator to Investigate Zoox's Autonomous Vehicles

posted  13 May 2024
Photo - U.S. Regulator to Investigate Zoox's Autonomous Vehicles
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has initiated an investigation into Zoox, an Amazon-owned developer of systems for autonomous vehicles, following two incidents involving Toyota Highlander SUVs equipped with its technology.

Preliminary data suggest that in both cases, the vehicles unexpectedly stopped, leading to collisions with motorcyclists who sustained minor injuries. At the time of the accidents, all of Zoox's autonomous driving systems were active, and the accidents occurred in daylight within the sensors' range of visibility.

The investigation will cover at least 500 vehicles from the company. Notably, some Americans and regulatory bodies have recently been quite skeptical about autonomous vehicles, and there have even been incidents of attacks on driverless taxis in San Francisco.