WhiteBIT: A Partner of Paris Blockchain Week and Token2049 Dubai

Photo - WhiteBIT: A Partner of Paris Blockchain Week and Token2049 Dubai
In April, the tech landscape will be marked by two pivotal events: the Paris Blockchain Week and Token2049 Dubai. These forums are renowned for shaping the Web3 trends for the year. WhiteBIT, a crypto exchange with Ukrainian origins, joins as a partner for both esteemed gatherings.
The Paris Blockchain Week will be hosted at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France, from April 9–11, 2024. The event is expected to attract over 10,000 attendees, 300 sponsors, 400 speakers, and 400 media partners. 

Why do crypto enthusiasts journey thousands of miles for in-person meetings when modern decentralized finance allows us to stay glued to our smartphones? The reason is invaluable: priceless networking and the chance to genuinely grasp the community's sentiment on regulations, existing challenges, and cutting-edge innovations. 

At the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, WhiteBIT will showcase its products in a separate branded area. The offerings include not just its unique PoA infrastructure of the WhiteChain network and the exclusive Web3 identification system, "Digital Soul", but also institutional solutions for market makers, exchanges, brokers, cryptocurrency projects, and private investors. 

Of particular note is the relatively new service aimed at banking and fintech providers dubbed Crypto-as-a-Service. It enables TradFi sector representatives to incorporate cryptocurrency trading and other digital asset functionalities into their client services, thereby adding value for their clients and generating additional revenue sources for themselves. 

This initiative particularly targets a younger and more progressive audience that has long sought a high-quality and understandable bridge between the modern Web3 world and outdated Web2 technologies. This could bolster and encourage growth in both these sectors of the modern economy: the crypto market benefits from the immense liquidity of traditional finances, while bankers seem to understand that overlooking the multi-trillion-dollar blockchain market is not just conservatism, but anachronism.  

A week after Paris, from April 18–19, the world's innovation hub, Dubai, will host Token2049. The event has already confirmed the participation of over 7,000 attendees, as well as hundreds of speakers, media partners, and sponsors. WhiteBIT will claim its distinguished spot among them.

Volodymyr Nosov, the founder and CEO of WhiteBIT, commented on his company's participation in the upcoming events: 
WhiteBIT's presence at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and Token2049 Dubai underlines our commitment to innovation and development in the field of blockchain. These events allow us to share knowledge, learn, and collaborate with other industry leaders. We believe that real progress is achieved through joint efforts and sharing experiences, and this is one of our ways to contribute to the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
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