🚀 Wormhole Reveals Tokenomics of Its W Token

posted  8 Feb 2024
Photo - Wormhole Reveals Tokenomics of Its W Token
Cross-chain protocol Wormhole has announced the release of its token with the ticker W and introduced its tokenomics. The project intends to allocate 17% of the total token supply as an airdrop to its users.

However, it might be too late to engage with the protocol now with the hope of qualifying for the airdrop. The announcement noted that a snapshot had been taken prior to the blog post's publication.

The W total supply is set to be 10 billion, with an initial issuance of 1.8 billion tokens.This token launch is designed to boost liquidity and decentralization, facilitated by user participation in governance through the Wormhole DAO. 

This decentralized autonomous organization will manage various protocol governance aspects, including smart contract updates, blockchain additions, and fee adjustments.

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