XCOPY: The Talent Beyond Art

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XCOPY is an anonymous London-based artist creating animated glitch-art with flickering elements, utilizing NFT technology to sell digital images.
XCOPY first displayed their digital drawings on Tumblr in August 2010. Over the years, the artist released hundreds of various artworks, garnering many followers, though most users initially approached their work with skepticism. Consequently, following the emergence of NFT technology, XCOPY began to offer some of their pieces on the SuperRare trading platform, swiftly earning acclaim from the decentralized community.

To date, XCOPY has released more than a hundred unique animated NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. His following on social network X has grown to exceed 233,000 people, a portion of whom actively purchase his digital art. Despite achieving popularity and being recognized as one of the top-selling NFT artists, XCOPY continues to keep their identity confidential.

XCOPY largely eschews generative algorithms for image creation, preferring manual drawing instead. Moreover, all the artist's works are released under the Creative Commons 0 license, permitting unrestricted use of the drawings. Essentially, this represents a complete waiver of copyright, transferring the artworks to the public domain.

The artist's most renowned NFT is Right-click and Save As guy, originally created as a meme to satirize skeptics and critics of digital art and blockchain. This unique token was subsequently purchased by the famed musician, producer, and actor Snoop Dogg for 1600 ETH (about $7 million at the time of the sale).
Right-click and Save As guy NFT. Source: XCOPY

Right-click and Save As guy NFT. Source: XCOPY's official website

Among XCOPY's notable works is the NFT collection 'Max Pain,' launched on the Nifty Gateway platform in early 2022. Despite some criticism from users regarding the ability to mint an unlimited number of tokens within a specific timeframe, the demand was overwhelming: XCOPY sold 7,394 NFTs in just ten minutes during an open auction, earning $23 million.

XCOPY's most recent digital series is titled Remnants, showcased on the SuperRare platform and consisting of 250 unique abstract NFTs. In this series, XCOPY ventured into generative art but ensured each composition was individually vetted to diversify the algorithm and prevent a multitude of similar images.
The Remnants NFT Collection. Source: XCOPY

The Remnants NFT Collection. Source: XCOPY's official website

Many of XCOPY's non-fungible tokens and collections are now regarded as blue-chip assets, maintaining interest across the creative blockchain community. However, the recent crypto market downturn has significantly diminished the value of the artist's NFTs, dropping by tens and even hundreds of times. A swift return to their previous price levels seems improbable in the near future.
We need more monkey PFPs to ignite the next bull run!
XCOPY humorously remarked, commenting on the current cryptocurrency market situation.
Despite the challenges, XCOPY maintains a positive outlook on the future, acknowledging the transformative impact of blockchain on digital art. The artist believes blockchain has paved the way for new possibilities, offering traditional artists accessible and cutting-edge tools to trade their works through NFT collections.