AI Set to Transform UK Public Sector Administration

posted  18 Nov 2023
Photo - AI Set to Transform UK Public Sector Administration
In an effort to modernize public services, the UK government plans to introduce artificial intelligence in sectors like security, education, and healthcare, targeting the reduction of routine, time-consuming tasks. This approach is set to refocus employees on their key responsibilities.

It has been estimated by officials that a significant amount of time, equating to a whole workday each week, is spent by teachers on tasks such as data entry and reporting. Furthermore, AI is expected to provide support in complex tasks where human specialists face challenges.

“Our public servants are among the best in the world, but we don’t help them or taxpayers when a day every week is wasted on admin,” Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, explained.

The anticipated implementation of AI in police departments is expected to free up to 750,000 hours weekly across the country. Despite the efficiency gains, there is a split in public opinion about the integration of AI into the workforce.