📣 Eclipse CEO Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations

posted  10 May 2024
Photo - Eclipse CEO Faces Sexual Harassment Allegations
Neel Somani, CEO and founder of the L2 blockchain Eclipse, has temporarily reduced his public involvement in the project amidst numerous allegations of sexual harassment. He believes this step will help protect the project's reputation and minimize damage to other members of the ecosystem.

Somani refutes all charges, is actively compiling evidence to disprove them, and intends to persist in his development of the L2 blockchain. He told The Block that he will continue to fulfill his responsibilities as CEO and has no plans to step down due to these accusations.
I'm just not going to be on podcasts/panels temporarily,
added Somani.
Additionally, the CEO has called for a more vigorous discussion of sexual harassment issues within the crypto community. Eclipse representatives, on the other hand, have opted not to address these allegations directly, instead emphasizing their dedication to building a robust blockchain ecosystem.