Ambassador Programs: Kinza Finance, Burnt, and zkLink

Photo - Ambassador Programs: Kinza Finance, Burnt, and zkLink
With the rise of BTC, an increasing number of projects are rolling out their own ambassador programs, in which users are rewarded for social engagement, content creation, and promotional activities.
Ambassador programs provide a great opportunity to earn crypto, especially for those who are new to cryptography and blockchain or lack substantial capital for investment. Ambassador tasks encompass activities such as writing articles, crafting memes, producing videos, graphic animations, event organization, and more. Anyone can apply to be an ambassador.

Let's examine 3 new ambassador programs from cryptocurrency projects Burnt, Kinza Finance, and zkLink. This material will also outline a series of actions that can assist in becoming an ambassador for these projects.


Burnt is a Layer1 blockchain, aimed at simplifying the use of cryptocurrency networks for users. The Burnt network also referred to as XION (which is likely to be the name of its native token), allows developers and various business sectors to build their own Web3 products using simple templates and tools.

The Burnt ambassador program, recently launched, features ambassadors known as β€œXioneers” (a combination of XION and Pioneer). The program is structured into three tiers: beginner (Seekers), intermediate (Envoys), and advanced (Elects).

To take part in the Burnt (XION) ambassador program, one needs to:

  • Actively participate in the project's official Discord, gradually progressing their server role. 
  • Get acquainted with all XION resources available on the dedicated website.
  • Create content and carry out tasks as outlined in the program's details.
  • Complete the application form. This should only be done after achieving significant experience and a prominent role in the Discord channel.

The details of Burnt’s ambassador program are also detailed in a specific article. Rewards for participants include monetary payments, project tokens, various bonuses, and access to contribute to the project's governance.

Kinza Finance

Kinza Finance is a lending protocol on the BNB Chain cryptocurrency network. The platform allows users to take cryptocurrency loans and provide their assets to generate passive income.

As of now, Kinza Finance's Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeds $13 million. Binance Labs is a significant investor in the company. In addition to its ambassador program, users have the opportunity to acquire project tokens through an upcoming retro airdrop based on their activity on the platform.

The Kinza Finance ambassador program encompasses various user roles:

  • Creative Legend: Responsible for creating memes, GIFs, animations, graphics, videos, and disseminating information about the project.
  • Info Legend: Involves providing information support and moderating chats.
  • Protocol Legend: Tailored for testers, developers, and hackers.

The requirements to participate in the ambassador program include:

Kinza Finance conducts weekly giveaways of up to 50 points on these social networks, contributing to users' rankings and influencing the future distribution of KZA tokens. More information can be found in the relevant article.


zkLink is a decentralized system designed for trading assets across various blockchains. It operates on zk-SNARKS technology, which provides enhanced privacy and data security.

According to the analytics resource Crunchbase, zkLink has successfully raised $18.5 million from investors like Global Coin Research, Cypher Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, and others. The platform is already functioning on several blockchains, thereby facilitating interactions with the prospect of a retroactive airdrop of its native token.

The zkLink team recently announced the initiation of their ambassador program, entailing various tasks including translation of texts and articles, managing chats and communities, content creation, and event organization. Participation requirements include:

 Rewards for ambassadors will include the distribution of the project's tokens and monetary compensation in stablecoins. 

Where to Find Ambassador Programs?

You can find many ambassador programs on our website, accessible through relevant search queries. Even though some articles might be older, various protocols keep their programs open, so it's important to assess their current relevance individually.

Influencers and bloggers often have a greater chance of being accepted into these programs due to their existing audiences. However, ordinary users also have the opportunity to participate. The key factors for success are dedication, enthusiasm, and the amount of effort put in.