Ambassador Programs: Ocean Protocol, DappOS, OAK Network

Photo - Ambassador Programs: Ocean Protocol, DappOS, OAK Network
Ambassador programs offer a unique chance to earn in the cryptocurrency realm without a substantial upfront investment.
While many might assume that ambassador programs revolve solely around crypto tasks, this isn't always the case. Participants in these programs often create written, graphical, and video content, manage project-related discussions, and even craft engaging memes. Their primary role? Boosting the project's visibility and brand recognition – and they're compensated handsomely for their contributions.

Today, we'll delve into three promising ambassador programs and explore the roles they encompass: OAK Network, DappOS, and Ocean Protocol.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized platform designed for sharing data between users and monetizing their content and information. Rewards for ambassadors are distributed in the project's native OCEAN token, which, at the time of this article, boasts a market capitalization of $130 million.

The Ocean Network Ambassador Program spans four distinct levels, with each determining the reward size. Here are the essential steps and activities involved:

  •   Become a member of the project's official Discord channel.

  •   Be proactive within the channel, crafting memes, creating graphical illustrations, drafting content, and more.

  •   Regularly engage and contribute to elevate your account status.

Tasks completed earn points. Depending on their total points, ambassadors are designated a specific rank: "Recruit" (0-49 XP), "Master Supporter" (50-99 XP), "Ambassador" (100-299 XP), "Elite Ambassador" (300-499 XP). And while "Recruit" is the foundational level, the pinnacle rank is "Legendary Ambassador" (500+ XP).

OAK Network

OAK Network stands as a Web3 financial infrastructure platform, meticulously crafted to manage funds and oversee transactions efficiently. This project aligns with the Polkadot blockchain ecosystem. During its nascent fundraising stages, renowned crypto funds such as Graylock, Shima Capital, Monday Capital, and Electric Capital pitched in, culminating in a total investment of $5.5 million.

Details of their ambassador program can be found on their official website. Ambassadors can expect a baseline income of $200. The program structure is hierarchical, segmented by the range of tasks accomplished: from "Acorn" (Level 1), progressing to "Canary" (Level 2), "Sapling" (Level 3, Junior Ambassador), and culminating at "Blue Oak" (Level 4, Ambassador).

For an enthusiast to be christened an ambassador for the OAK Network, they are expected to:

  •  Craft and disseminate original content, spanning articles, blogs, videos, instructional materials, and dynamic social media engagements.

  •  Spearhead and moderate online events and AMA sessions.

It's also recommended for participants to stay updated by joining the project's official social media channels.


DappsOS is a cutting-edge Web3 protocol that offers users direct access to DeFi applications, bypassing intricate processes and the need for deep cryptographic understanding. During its fundraising phase, the project garnered over $50 million from premier crypto institutions like HashKey Capital, Sequoia Capital China, Binance Labs, IDG Capital, and OKX Ventures. 

According to their official ambassador program announcement, DappsOS commits to generously rewarding its ambassadors for their commitment and contributions. Prospective ambassadors are encouraged to:

  •  Engage with the project's social media communities, with a focus on active participation in Discord.

  •  Undertake quests on platforms such as Zealy and Galxe.

Given the robust backing and the project's formidable infrastructure, gaining entry into the DappsOS ambassador program may be challenging due to high demand. However, it's undoubtedly worth a shot for enthusiasts.

Where to Find Ambassador Programs?

Most ambassador programs are advertised on the project's social media channels and their official websites. Additionally, many major crypto influencers often share these initiatives, suggesting their participation in the program.

For those seeking general information, Medium is often a reliable source for announcements related to ambassador programs. 

Final Words

The primary challenge with ambassador programs is the intense competition, with many individuals eager to earn the rewards. However, with dedication, and especially if one has a small crypto-related blog, securing an ambassador role for a particular project can become much more feasible.