Braavos, 1inch, and mySwap: Ambassador Programs Reviewed

Photo - Braavos, 1inch, and mySwap: Ambassador Programs Reviewed
Ambassador programs are special initiatives carried out by cryptocurrency projects for their engaged users. Such programs enable earning in crypto projects without financial investments. We've prepared a selection of the latest ambassador programs for you.
The primary duties of ambassadors include creating content and promoting a specific brand on social media (and beyond) to boost its visibility. Anyone can become an ambassador: copywriters, translators, chat moderators, meme creators, influencers, designers, videographers, and others.

In this article, we'll discuss what you need to do to become an ambassador in the Braavos, 1inch, and mySwap projects.


Braavos is a key cryptocurrency wallet for the Starknet blockchain. Over the past five months, the Total Value Locked (TVL) in this network has nearly tripled, reaching around $40 million, as per DeFiLlama analytics.

Braavos is yet to introduce its native token, suggesting that ambassadorial compensations could either be in the form of a newly launched token or through stablecoins.

Participants in the Braavos Ambassador Program can choose from four roles:

  • Moderator. This involves monitoring activities in community chats and assisting members.
  • Ambassador. Ideal for those keen on boosting the brand's popularity and bridging the gap between the team and the community.
  • Creator. Suitable for individuals adept at producing various types of content, including photos and videos.
  • Tester. Designed for testers and developers.

To become an ambassador for Braavos, interested individuals should:

  • Complete a designated form.
  • Follow Braavos on its social media platforms, such as X (Twitter), and Discord, actively participating and engaging in discussions.
  • Create and share content related to Braavos, including articles, essays, and guides.

Braavos Ambassador Program. Source:

Braavos Ambassador Program. Source:


1inch is a decentralized platform functioning as a liquidity aggregator for tokens across various decentralized exchanges (DEXs). It operates on a multitude of EVM networks and has recently expanded its services to include a cryptocurrency wallet, a feature for commission-free exchanges (fusion mode), and limit orders, among other offerings.

For those interested in delving deeper into the 1inch project, our website hosts a range of articles that provide detailed insights. The project also features its native token, 1INCH, which, at the time of writing, occupies the 120th position in Coingecko’s ranking of cryptocurrency projects.

To be a part of the 1inch ambassador program, the following steps are necessary:

  • Complete a Google form.
  • Join and remain active on the project's official Discord channel.
  • Engage in activities such as translating articles, creating videos, images, memes, and other forms of content, as well as participating in chat discussions.

The 1inch ambassador initiative also categorizes roles based on specific skill sets. The team is on the lookout for individuals skilled in article writing and translations, content creation, community management, and event organization.
The 1inch Website. Source:

The 1inch Website. Source:


The mySwap decentralized exchange operates on the Starknet network. Currently, its TVL is $8 million, as reported by the analytics platform DeFiLlama. This places mySwap as the second-highest in TVL on Starknet, following the JediSwap platform.

Despite not having its native token yet, mySwap offers an engaging ambassador program. This program is not only intriguing because of its structure but also due to the various on-platform activities it encourages, such as token exchanges and liquidity farming.

To be a part of the mySwap ambassador program, one needs to:

  • Fill out a specific form.
  • Maintain active participation in the project’s social networks, especially on Discord, and X (Twitter).
  • Produce video and graphic content, articles, and guides about mySwap.
  • Undertake quests on Zealy to earn roles within the Discord community.

The selection process for ambassadors is thorough. Applicants are advised to provide comprehensive and accurate information in their applications and to remain active within the mySwap community.
The mySwap Ambassador Program Application Form. Source:

The mySwap Ambassador Program Application Form. Source:

Testnets vs. Ambassador Programs: Which to Choose?

When it comes to earning in crypto without financial inputs, the choice often boils down to testnets or ambassador programs. The fundamental question: which one is more advantageous?

While many testnets lack rewards, the ones that do ensure all participants completing required activities receive compensation. On the other hand, ambassador programs have specific criteria, making not every applicant an ambassador. However, the potential earnings from ambassador programs generally surpass those from testnets.

Both avenues serve as practical ways to initiate earnings and engage with the crypto community with minimal risk.