🚀 MOON Token Surges 150% Amid Increased Project Decentralization

posted  14 Nov 2023
Photo - MOON Token Surges 150% Amid Increased Project Decentralization
The value of the MOON token (Moons) has dramatically soared by over 150% following an announcement by the moderators of the r/cryptocurrency community on Reddit. They revealed a plan for complete decentralization and a major overhaul of the project's strategy, moving away from the inflationary model.

Developers plan to cap the token supply at 83 million by burning a portion of the coins and discontinuing the smart contract. This means no one will be able to increase the token's issuance or make any alterations to its settings. However, MOON's trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and other functionalities will remain intact.

"Effectively no one will have control of the contract. Not Reddit, not the mod team," the moderators clarified.

In addition, they promised to engage more actively with the community and enhance MOON's utility on the platform, including integration with bots. These changes follow Reddit's termination of its crypto reward program in October 2023, which led to a sharp 75% drop in the token's price.