📣 Thirdweb Identifies Flaws in Common Smart Contracts

posted  5 Dec 2023
Photo - Thirdweb Identifies Flaws in Common Smart Contracts
Web3 development platform Thirdweb has detected a critical vulnerability in its open-source library, impacting various NFT collections. This issue affects a range of pre-built smart contracts, including DropERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, and AirdropERC20.
NFT marketplace OpenSea has acknowledged potential impacts on its NFT collections and requested its users to stay informed about remediation efforts. Similar statements have been issued by Coinbase NFT and the L2 network, Base.

While no exploits are reported, Thirdweb advises affected contract owners to take preventive measures, such as locking the contract, taking a snapshot, and migrating to more secure alternatives.

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