WhiteBIT & MFA of Ukraine Launch a Support Chatbot for Ukrainians

Photo - WhiteBIT & MFA of Ukraine Launch a Support Chatbot for Ukrainians
Now, all Ukrainian citizens overseas can receive quick and convenient consular consultation services for any queries.
Europe's largest crypto exchange WhiteBIT, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has introduced a helpful chatbot. This efficient tool offers up-to-date information to Ukrainians about residency conditions and their rights in different countries around the world. Thanks to its ability to simultaneously serve multiple users, it substantially extends the reach of assistance to Ukrainians who are living abroad.
WhiteBIT is committed to supporting Ukraine and Ukrainians wherever they are. We're delighted that our partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs enables Ukrainians to receive systematic, comprehensive, and professional assistance. This aids in addressing specific challenges they face around the world. The launch of the chatbot considerably enhances accessibility and significantly simplifies the process of receiving necessary information for our citizens
stated WhiteBIT's CEO, Volodymyr Nosov.
With the chatbot, Ukrainians can get answers to a range of consular queries, such as:

  • Entry requirements for different countries
  • Applying for temporary protection
  • Social security matters
  • Consular services
  • Returning to Ukraine, and more

The introduction of this chatbot marks a continuation of the existing collaboration between WhiteBIT and Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This partnership previously resulted in the creation of a 24/7 call center in June 2022, aimed at providing high-quality consular assistance to Ukrainians abroad. 

Since its launch, the call center has managed approximately 15,000 calls from 96 different countries. Most frequently, it's been contacted by Ukrainian citizens planning to leave their home country or those who have already relocated to Poland, Germany, Italy, and Turkey.
We initiated our collaboration with WhiteBIT last year, amidst the onset of russia's full-scale invasion, and we've implemented a series of important initiatives for our citizens since then. This support proved to be incredibly timely, given the unprecedented number of Ukrainians moving abroad due to the russian aggression
remarked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
This collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and WhiteBIT enables Ukrainian citizens to access detailed information about their rights and legal interests quickly and effortlessly, regardless of their location.

If you need consular assistance, you can use the chatbot services or contact the call center at +38 (044) 224-57-20.