Major Crypto Events in October

Photo - Major Crypto Events in October
What fascinating events does October hold for the crypto realm? This mid-fall month is bustling with diverse gatherings, with the Christmas holidays just around the corner. It's a time for industry players to discuss current issues, from regulatory shifts to revolutionary innovations. Find the key crypto happenings of October in our calendar!

October 1

Free Ross Day

On this date in 2015, Ross Ulbricht, the mastermind behind The Silk Road, received a sentence comprising five separate terms, including two life sentences, with no chance for early parole. The Silk Road, often compared to Amazon on the darknet, was a marketplace that conducted transactions in cryptocurrency. Ulbricht, who operated under the pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts,” was convicted on multiple charges, including drug distribution, money laundering conspiracy, selling forged documents, and cyber breaches. Ulbricht was held responsible for the actions of others on The Silk Road. Every October 1st, crypto advocates worldwide rally for Ross's release, a cause supported by libertarian entities in the USA.

October 2

SmartCon 2023

On October 2-3, the global Web3 community will converge in Barcelona, Spain, for SmartCon 2023, organized by Chainlink. Attendees will delve into prevailing blockchain trends and discover groundbreaking DeFi projects and NFT innovations. Special focus will be given to the foundational protocols of Web3 applications and the corporate sector’s prospects within Web3 infrastructure. The conference will feature presentations unveiling tools and resources to bolster the efficiency of blockchain developers and to spotlight Chainlink’s services.

October 5

Zebu Live

On October 5-6, London, United Kingdom, will host the Zebu Live Conference, a gathering aimed at consolidating the Web3 community to collectively propel the mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency. The event’s organizer, Flight3—a digital marketing agency specializing in advancing projects in cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFT, and Web3—explains that ‘Zebu’ symbolizes “zero bullshit” or “always bullish”.

October 5


ETHMilan, a prominent conference orchestrated by the Ethereum Foundation, is scheduled for October 5-6 in Milan, Italy. It will focus on the pressing challenges and opportunities within the ecosystem. The discourse will encompass scalability issues and novel infrastructural solutions for NFTs, DAOs, wallets, and Layer2. The conference’s guest list includes noted figures from Polygon, Trust Wallet, Binance, and various other entities. 

October 6

Anniversary of the BTC Traders' Battle

On this day in 2014, an extraordinary six-hour clash occurred among Bitcoin traders. The bulls breached the psychological level of $300, triumphing over a Bitcoin whale who listed approximately 30,000 BTC for sale.

October 6

U.S. Unemployment Rate Update

This day marks the release of updated U.S. unemployment rates. An elevated unemployment rate would signify labor market weakness, whereas a low rate would serve as a positive indicator and a bullish factor for the USD. 
Crypto enthusiasts watch these figures closely as cryptocurrencies are valued in U.S. dollars and are, therefore, subject to market reactions to macroeconomic indicators.

October 7

Degamefi Conference

On October 7-8, the city of Tbilisi, Georgia, will host the Degamefi Conference. This event is one of the most prominent Web3 events in the Caucasus region, uniting experts, thought leaders, and innovators in the fields of blockchain and Web3. Participants can look forward to specialized reports, panel discussions, a startup competition, and ample networking opportunities. The array of topics to be discussed includes decentralized finance, NFTs, governance, identification, privacy, cybersecurity, regulation, AI, and much more.

October 12

U.S. Consumer Price Index Update

This day marks the release of the updated U.S. Consumer Price Index. The CPI is a metric used to track the fluctuations in prices of goods and services, serving as a crucial tool for monitoring changes in purchasing patterns and inflation levels in the United States. Figures higher than expected are viewed as a positive/bullish signal, while figures lower than expected are seen as negative/bearish.
The Federal Reserve relies on such indicators when making decisions about interest rate modifications. These decisions can subsequently impact the liquidity of the cryptocurrency market, either enhancing or diminishing it.

October 15

Future Blockchain Summit

On October 15-18, Dubai, UAE will host the Future Blockchain Summit, a significant conference focusing on blockchain technology and the evolution of the cryptocurrency market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The summit is geared towards the innovative Web3 community, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the fields of crypto, blockchain, NFTs, metaverses, and gaming.

The MENA region is becoming a new hub for Web3 technologies, driven by its demographic structure, extensive adoption of mobile devices and the Internet, swift digital transformation, growing intrigue in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and vibrant entrepreneurship. Additionally, Dubai is positioning itself to become a global crypto hub.

October 19

xDay Conference

The xDay blockchain conference will occur in Bucharest, Romania, from October 19-21. xDay is a convergence point for creators and explorers, offering a unique platform for the progression of the Web3 domain, Metaverse, and AI. The conference will feature a hackathon exploring future tech avenues such as AI, DeFi, payments, infrastructure and development tools, mobile apps, as well as gaming and the Metaverse. Furthermore, MultiversX will organize several workshops as part of the event's lineup.

October 20

AXS Token Unlock

The Axie Infinity community is bracing for the unlocking of AXS tokens. A total of 15.12 million tokens valued at $68.66 million, or 5.6% of the total AXS supply, will be unlocked.

Token unlocking events are crucial for crypto enthusiasts because they represent the end of the lockup period for early investors. Often, if such investors are content with the profits, or if they desire to diversify their portfolios, they may opt to immediately sell their stakes, potentially impacting the token’s price. Hence, during such unlocking events, investing in the pertinent tokens can bear risks, but it can also present opportunities for acquiring assets at substantial discounts.

October 24

Blockchain Life 2023

Blockchain Life 2023 is set to occur in Dubai, UAE, from October 24-25. The eleventh installment of this forum will assemble over 7,000 delegates from 120 countries worldwide. Attendees can anticipate a startup competition, an exhibition involving 150 companies, and additional events orchestrated by forum collaborators. Speakers will include high-ranking executives from prominent blockchain entities like Tron, Binance, Ripple, Circle, Marathon Digital Holdings, Litecoin Foundation, and JP Morgan Chase.

October 25

European Blockchain Convention

Barcelona, Spain, will host the European Blockchain Convention on October 25-26. This initiative was established to expedite the progress of the blockchain sphere within Europe. It attracts a diverse audience, including company CEOs, corporate representatives, regulators, and developers, providing a platform for learning, inspiration, and networking. Since its inception in 2018, Barcelona has welcomed thousands of participants, numerous esteemed speakers, and groundbreaking startups from the realms of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

October 30

Solana Breakpoint 2023

Solana Breakpoint 2023 will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from October 30 to November 3. This annual congregation unites the Solana community, offering a venue for developers and crypto aficionados to exchange innovative concepts and propel blockchain advancements. This marks the third iteration of the Solana Breakpoint conference. This year, the Solana campus is situated at the TAET Art and Event Park. Participants can expect insightful lectures, enlightening sessions, success narratives, and opportunities for collaboration.