The most important crypto events of February!

Photo - The most important crypto events of February!
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  • U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate decision.
    • A higher-than-expected rate will be positive for the USD, while a lower-than-expected rate will be negative for the USD.
  • Meta annual report.
    • Meta to release financial results for 2022 (quarterly and annual reports).
  • Hooked Protocol tokens unlock.
    • (4.17 million tokens totaling $14 million, 8.33% of the total supply).


  • Initial Jobless Claims in the U.S.
    • The number of jobless claims is used to measure the labor market. A steady decline in claims indicates that the labor market is improving, and the economy is growing, which contributes to the USD strength.
  • Apple, Amazon and Alphabet reports.
    • Apple will reveal its sales results, Amazon will report on the e-commerce market. Alphabet (Google) will show the state of the digital advertising market. The reports of tech giants have a rather strong impact on the cryptocurrency market.
  • Agoric tokens unlock.
    • (40.35 million tokens~$18 million; 12.27% of the total supply).


  • U.S. Unemployment Rate.
    • A high rate indicates weakness in the labor market. A low rate is positive for the U.S. labor market and should be taken as positive/bullish for the USD.
  • The Sandbox tokens unlock.
    • (333.8 million tokens totaling $247.84 million, 11.13% of the total supply).


  • DeFi Meet-Up in Zürich.
    • A four-hour conference on DeFi hosted by Internet Computer blockchain (ICB) developers. The meet-up is organized by DFINITY Foundation, a major contributor to the ICB development. The Internet Computer blockchain is an open-source decentralized blockchain platform designed to extend the functionality of the World Wide Web.


  • U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI).
    • The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes in the prices of goods and services. It reports changes in U.S. buying and inflation trends. A higher-than-expected reading should be taken as a positive/bullish trend, while a lower-than-expected reading should be taken as a negative/bearish trend.


  • On this day in 2013, the Mt. Gox exchange ceased operations due to a hacker attack
    • As of 2010-2014, Mt. Gox accounted for up to 80% of all bitcoin transactions. During its last year of operation, the exchange repeatedly suffered security problems. In February 2014, the company lost about 650,000 - 850,000 bitcoins of its customers, and went bankrupt.


  • Lightning Pizza Day. The first ever purchase on Bitcoin Lightning Network.
    • Everyone knows the story when programmer Laszlo Heinitz purchased two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 BTC on May 22, 2010. And he did it again on February 25, 2018 with the Lightning Network. Laszlo paid 649,000 sats for two pizzas.


  • Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai. Conference for 4000 attendees from 100 countries.
    • The 10th Global Forum on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mining takes place on February 27 - 28 in Dubai. The forum consists of 2 days of top speakers performances, a global expo of the latest Web 3.0 technologies, and innovative networking formats. Guests include Circle, Binance, Bybit, Polygon, and others.
  • Interop Summit in Denver, USA.
    • Interop Summit takes place in Denver on February 27-28. This event is a gathering point for Web3 developers. The conference brings together the ecosystems, applications, founders, and developers. Speakers include Osmosis, Solana, Google Cloud, Aptos Labs.

28.02 (or before):

  • Filecoin Virtual Machine's EVM (FEVM) release.
    • This will be one of the major updates to the Filecoin network. For the first time, developers will be able to deploy user-defined smart contracts on Filecoin mainnet.

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