NEARCON'23: The Annual Event for the NEAR Community in Portugal

Photo - NEARCON'23: The Annual Event for the NEAR Community in Portugal
Every year, NEARCON'23 turns into a hub for the NEAR community, bringing enthusiasts together for several exciting days. This flagship event attracts renowned figures from the global blockchain industry.
The Near Protocol represents a blockchain ecosystem and a dynamic global community of developers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and pioneers in decentralization. From November 7-10, NEARCON’23 will bring together over 5,000 participants in Lisbon, Portugal's historical and cultural heart. Attendees will immerse themselves in cutting-edge ideas from esteemed global specialists and glean inspiration for both current and forthcoming blockchain initiatives. NEARCON'23 will also cast the spotlight on topical issues like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, web development, and beyond.
NEARCON'23 is poised to offer three distinct venues for networking, hackathons, and keynote presentations.

The conference will feature a lineup of respected experts, including:

  • Michael Casey, CoinDesk
  • Samantha Bohbot, RockawayX
  • Nicolai Reinbold, CV Labs
  • Nathalie Oestmann, Outlier Ventures
  • Alexander Skidanov, Near Protocol
NEARCON '23 presents an unrivaled chance to learn about Near’s vision for the continued evolution of the Open Web, which embraces open-source technologies, including those from Near. As we head into autumn 2023, the Near blockchain platform has burgeoned to more than 30 million active accounts and upwards of a thousand projects. NEARCON '23 is more than a mere platform to demonstrate the current triumphs of the Near Protocol; it is also a window into the brand-new products emerging from its ecosystem.

The NEARCON '23 agenda is carefully curated to ensure there's something for every Open Web advocate. Developers will immerse in sessions designed to refine their expertise in open web technologies, complete with practical workshops and coding exercises. IT entrepreneurs will encounter transformative ideas, business strategies, and insights from industry vanguards. Creative minds will discover new ways to infuse blockchain into their artistry. For all in attendance, there will be sessions outlining the best practices, legal foundations, and expert forecasts for blockchain's regulatory landscape.

The 48-hour NEARCON hackathon commands special attention for fostering the creation of next-level applications within the Near ecosystem, offering programmers a chance to draw the community and investors to their projects. Bounty programs offer participants the chance to earn the NCON token, which can be traded for a variety of goodies or branded merchandise. The "AI is NEAR" track, cleverly named to reflect the integration of artificial intelligence with the Near protocol, features the co-founders of NEAR Protocol, AI experts Illia Polosukhin and Alex Skidanov. Alex will share insights into developing intelligent LLMs in a decentralized fashion, while Illia will explore the intersection of AI with Web3, showcasing potential collaborations. Beyond the clever pun, "AI is NEAR" also hints at NEAR's future AI strategy, including ecosystem governance through AI agents and the rise of innovative business models.

NEARCON is a landmark event, a quintessential gathering for both the Open Web curious and the staunch technophiles of this innovative domain.