The World Web3 Conference: Blockchain, NFTs and Metaverse

Photo - The World Web3 Conference: Blockchain, NFTs and Metaverse
The World Web3 Conference will host over 500 blockchain, NFT, metaverse, and AI developers and enthusiasts. The event is set for March 8-9 at Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida, USA.
The conference is organized by the American business analytics firm SEMPRO, and aimed at boosting the widespread adoption of Web3.
After attending The World Web3 Conference event, attendees can expect to gain a deep understanding of the latest developments and trends in the web3 technologies space, including NFTs, crypto, blockchain, AI and the metaverse and how to apply this knowledge to business,
promises the SEMPRO team.
Event highlights include:

  • Blockchain and Web3 technologies;
  • The Metaverse;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • NFTs;
  • AI Automation.

These subjects will form the core of speaker presentations and panel discussions. Following the presentations, experts will be available for further networking opportunities. 

The World Web3 Conference has already confirmed attendance from:

  • Gary Fowler, President and Founder of GSD Venture Studios
  • George Tung, Founder of CryptosRUs
  • Daniel Keller, CEO/Co-Founder of Flux
  • Ryan Horst, CEO - Blockchain Insight Group
  • Gav Blaxberg, CEO of WOLF Financial 
  • among other industry leaders.

Beyond the live offline experience, the organizers are offering a chance to connect with conference attendees on a dedicated online platform. This feature could benefit startups in search of investments, individuals looking for exciting Web3 segment offers, and entrepreneurs eager for new partnerships, etc. 

Additionally, The World Web3 Conference attendees will have an opportunity to showcase their projects and products at an exhibition. 

You can register for The World Web3 Conference and buy your tickets here.